Chimney Inspections.

Don't wait for unseen chimney issues to arise

Chimney Inspections

Is your chimney ready to keep you and your family warm and safe? Sure, you take a peek up the flue using the flashlight app on your phone but do you know what to look for? Our inspection uses a 12-point chimney inspection to provide you the information you need to help make an informed decision.

Blue Crab Inspections as partners with Clean Sweep, who specializes in evaluations and repairs for homes located around the Baltimore area. Clean Sweep´s chimney professionals employ an exclusive 12-point chimney inspection checklist and perform Level 2 inspection as defined by Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA). Using the ChimScan® camera as needed, they are able to provide the most in-depth analysis of the chimney, helping to provide you with more detailed information about the chimney(s).

When you receive your chimney inspection as part of your comprehensive Blue Crab home inspection, you will also receive detailed color reports with pictures about the inspection´s findings.

Some of the 12-point Chimney Inspection Includes:

  • Education about your new chimney(s) and components
  • Inspection of the Chimney Cap and Flashing
  • Chimney Cleaning
  • Inspection of the Chimney Exterior and Chimney Repair
  • Flue Cleaning
  • Creosote or Ash Removal
  • Testing of Chimney Caps and Dampers
  • Blue Crab Inspections´ 200% Satisfaction Guarantee