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Lead Testing

About Lead in Paint

Lead-based paint was used up until 1977 in some homes until banned in the United States. While it was banned, the paint is still present on buildings, on door frames, window sills, porches, and it poses a threat to mainly children under six who may put things in their mouth. Lead paint crumbles and can mix in with dust which is another way of consuming without even noticing. This can eventually cause lead poisoning which itself can cause many health complications.

Lead Paint Chippings
Lead Paint Chippings

About Our Lead Testing

We perform visual inspections and lead dust sampling for our rental inspections.

Visual Inspection

The visual inspection is designed to be performed before the lead dust sampling. In the visual inspection, we’ll look for signs of:

  • Deteriorated paint
  • Visible dust
  • Chips in the paint
Lead Dust Sampling

We will use lead dust wipes recommended by the EPA. We will take a sample of the windowsill and floor in either the hallway, stairwell, or room where lead may be present.

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