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Well & Septic Inspections

About Our Well & Septic Inspections

Are you concerned about the quality of your water or septic system? Although you may think that your new home’s well or septic system is in good shape, you should consider having these systems inspected before you buy your new home.

Blue Crab Home Inspections has partnered with Home Land Enviromental, who specializes in property evaluations for real estate transactions. They perform septic evaluations, well yield testing and water sampling. Because of such a narrow service line, we have an expertise and high level of efficiency matched by few to none.

Septic Manhole
Well System Diagram
Septic System Diagram

Well System Inspections

During a well yield test, water will be run from the pressure tank and measured in 15-minute intervals for the duration of the test. The last 5-gallon reading is determined to be the “well flow” or “yield” for that well. A well yield test will show any problems and save you money.

Septic Inspections

Septic Inspections evaluate several items. The inspector will evaluate the location of the tank, the composition of the septic tank, location of the drain fields, the water level in the tank, status of the front and back baffles.
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