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Essential Holiday Home Safety Tips

By November 29, 2023December 1st, 2023No Comments

As a home inspector, I’ve observed how the holiday season can sometimes lead to overlooked safety measures in homes. Here are critical safety tips for real estate agents to share with clients, ensuring their properties remain secure and joyful during this festive time.

1. Prioritize Fire Safety:

Advise clients to use LED lights to minimize overheating risks and to keep Christmas trees well-watered. Remind them about the importance of functional smoke detectors and accessible fire extinguishers.馃Н馃敟

2. Electrical System Awareness:

Extra holiday lighting can strain electrical systems. Suggest that your clients avoid overloading outlets and consider professional inspections for older wiring. GFCI outlets are a must for exterior outlets and should be tested before use. 馃巹馃挕

3. Decorations: -Safety First:

Encourage minimalistic, secure decorations, especially in homes on the market. Recommend battery-operated candles as safer alternatives to traditional ones and ensure that decorations are securely fastened.

4. Enhance Home Security:

The holiday season can see a rise in break-ins. We recommend high-quality locks and smart security systems. For vacant properties, suggest light timers to simulate occupancy. Security measures should be evident during property showings.

5. Avoid Frozen Pipes:

Inform clients about the importance of keeping homes at a consistent temperature and insulating exposed pipes. Now is a great time to winterize exterior hose bibs, and knowing the location of the main water shut-off valve is crucial, particularly for unoccupied properties.

6. Mitigate Accident Risks:

Advise keeping paths clear of gifts and decorations to prevent trips and falls. When it snows, 馃馃emphasize the need for clear walkways and driveways to avoid slips.

7. Hosting Responsibilities:

With increased holiday gatherings, clients should be aware of their liability. Recommend reviewing their homeowners’ insurance for adequate coverage and ensuring their property is safe for visitors, including secure railings and adequate outdoor lighting.

8. Consistent Maintenance:

Regular home maintenance is key. This includes efficient heating systems, cleared gutters, and a well-maintained roof, particularly under the threat of heavy snowfall.

As real estate agents, your advice can significantly contribute to maintaining safe and secure homes during the holidays. Sharing these tips from a home inspector’s perspective provides an extra layer of assurance and protection for homeowners and potential buyers.

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